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Describes the concepts that go into an Undum game, and how they interact.

Describes the files you need to create to make an Undum game, and what needs to go into them.

Version 2 of Undum includes a new framework for automatically generating choices for the player, based on information stored in situations.

Undum games use HTML to output text and media, but has some constraints on the HTML you can use. Undum also provides built-in behavior tied to specific HTML classes that you can use in your output. In v.2, Undum also added support for defining many kinds of situation entirely in HTML, with no Javascript needed.

A complete breakdown of the API exposed to your code via Javascript. This details the methods that you call to output content, find random numbers and translate your game.

Describes Undum's core translation system, and how you can create games that support multiple languages.

Undum has an unusual way of supporting loading and saving of games, to support a wide range of browsers, sites and game styles. This document contains the technical details, and how this affects you as a game author.

Undum Changelog